Periwinkle Meadow Press
                 Anne McCourtie, MSU


Periwinkle Meadow Press is an imprint of GypsyCat Publications.  At this time, the only publication offered is an illustrated e-book for children.  "Adventures in Periwinkle Meadow" is a collection of 26 stories that were written to be used in spiritual Youth Education classes.  The book contains lesson plans at the end of each story, along with "What Do You Think?" questions for the children.  The book would also be suitable for parents to use at home.  

The characters in the story are the animals who live in Periwinkle Meadow.  Mariah is a butterfly who introduces the animals to general concepts such as gratitude, forgiveness, love, prayer, etc.and shows them how to overcome obstacles.

While the book is written for children ages 4-8, it has been field tested in a "one room" class with children ranging in age from 4 to 12.  Below are some comments from the teachers who used this curriculum.

Anne McCourtie is a gifted, masterful and entertaining story teller.  The children and I have been entranced by her stories and have eagerly looked forward to hearing them.  We remember the characters, the story line and, most of all, the lessons that are in the stories.  Anne teaches important Unity principles in lessons that are never preachy.  Our Youth Ed children love Anne's lessons and so do I.

Dianne Lawson, Teacher

One week a child said, "I've heard that story before and I like it.  Please read it again." Every time I teach, at the end of the lesson, I ask each child what they have learned. Each time they reply, they name a character in the story by saying, "I understand why they felt that way.  I've felt that way, too."  Even though we have different age groups in this class, they all understand and relate to the stories.

Kay Lotridge, Teacher

The children really enjoy the stories.  They do like to talk about the story and how it relates to them.  The pictures are a big help.  Thanks, Anne, for all your hard work!

Ed Fischer, Teacher