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At the current time, our main product is the book "Adventures in Periwinkle Meadow" which is an illustrated book to be used for children either in youth education classes or by parents who want to teach spiritual values to their young children.  The book is in PDF format so that you can print the entire book or just each lesson as you need it. There is also a document with enlarged copies of all the illustrations in the book.  These can be printed off and used along with the stories, if desired.

The main characters in the book are two butterflies named Mariah and Fatima, who are good friends. Mariah is wise and serene whereas Fatima is a worrier who frets and fusses a lot.  As time goes on, Mariah becomes the spiritual leader for the animals who live in Periwinkle Meadow as she helps them learn to lead happy, peaceful lives.  Below is an excerpt from the story in which Mariah teaches Angel, the duck, how to deal with her siblings who pick on her.

Mariah just sighed.  “Angel, I’m truly sorry that Hansel was unkind to you, but you can’t let it ruin your day or your meditation.”

“I can’t help it, Mariah!” exclaimed Angel.  “Hansel, Daryl and Rose are always making fun of me and I’m tired of it.  Hansel is the worst.  He picks at me all the time, trying to make me angry.”

“Angel, you are the only one who can make it better,” Mariah told her.

“How?” Angel asked.  “I can’t make them leave me alone.  I’ve tried.”

“No, you probably can’t change how they act,” Mariah agreed.  “But you can change how you feel about it.”

“I can?  Are you sure?”

“Yes, Angel, I’m sure.”

“Then please tell me what to do,” begged Angel.  “I don’t like feeling this way.”

“Okay, I will tell you a secret.  Now listen carefully,” she said. 

Angel leaned closer to Mariah.

“You can choose to let go of hurtful things.  And you can choose to think loving thoughts,” Mariah explained.

“I don’t understand,” said Angel.

“Remember what you do when you start to meditate?  You choose to think about being on the pond.  You always get to choose what you think about and what you see in your mind.  If a hurtful thought comes into your mind, imagine that thought just floating away up into the air – higher and higher.  Let it go so high you can’t see it anymore.”

Angel closed her eyes and tried it.  She thought of Hansel and her anger.  She let it float far, far away.  When she opened her eyes she felt much better.  “I think I got it,” she told Mariah.

“Good.  Then when the hurtful thought is gone, choose a loving thought to put in its place.  Think of something good about Hansel,” Mariah said.

Angel closed her eyes and thought of Hansel.  After a few minutes she remembered how Hansel could make her laugh with his funny jokes.  The thought made her smile and she felt even better.

“Feel better now?” Mariah asked.

“Oh, yes, much better!  Is that part of meditation?” asked Angel.

“Yes, it’s called forgiveness.  And remember to forgive yourself, too,” Mariah added.

“Myself?  What did I do wrong?”

“Sometimes when we get angry, it feels like we’ve made a mistake.  So we forgive ourselves for choosing an unhappy thought.  And that makes us feel even better,” said Mariah. 

“When Hansel and the others are picking on you, there are two things you can tell yourself.  First, remember that the way others act cannot keep you from being happy and, second, everyone is being as loving as they know how at the time.”

“I…I…think I understand,” said Angel.  “I will try to remember all you have taught me.  It’s good to know that I can choose to think loving, happy thoughts and let go of hurtful things.  Maybe someday I can show Hansel how to do that,” Angel said happily.

Immediately following each story is a lesson plan to guide the teacher in using the elements of the story to bring out the lesson. There are also some additional "What Do You Think" questions that can be used with the children for further discussion.  The lesson plan is intentionally  kept simple to enable teachers to use their own creativity in working with the children..

Following is the lesson plan for "Angel Learns to Forgive" from which the excerpt above is taken.



Forgiveness – Filling your heart with love instead of anger.

Define the word for the kids.  Ask if they can think of examples from their own lives of having forgiven or having been forgiven.  Give them some of your own examples.  Point out how forgiveness is important because it helps us feel better and be happier.  Introduce the concept of denial and affirmation in terms the children can understand, for example: We can choose to not be upset about how someone treats us. We can choose to express love instead.  We always have the power to choose because we have Spirit inside us.


Read and discuss the story.  If you feel that some words will be unfamiliar to some of the youth, define as you go.  Ask if they have had problems with their brothers, sisters, or other kids.  What did they do about it?  Emphasize that moods are a choice.  We can choose to be happy, sad, or mad.


Forgiveness makes your heart feel better.


1. What happened in the woods that upset Angel and made her angry?

2. What did she want to do to her brothers and sister?

3. What secret did Mariah tell her?

4. Why did Angel need to forgive herself?

5. Do you think Hansel will learn anything from Angel?





Adventures in Periwinkle Meadow                                        

26 stories in 112 pages

PDF format 





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